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TIME R20-1700

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  • The core components with independent intellectual property rights completely-----TIME robot controller adopts the cost-effective IPC platform and Intime real-time System to achieve trajectory teaching and reproduction. It is with interfaces of high-speed industrial Ethernet, RS485 and other field bus and clear advantages in the function expansion, servo selection, sensor matching and upgrade and so on.
  • TIME industrial robots, TIME positioner and digital welding machine builds up an eight-axis robot system whose closed-loop control cycle is 200us to achieve complex welding.
  • The robot main body is calibrated by the Dynalog robot performance test and evaluation system and the robot calibration system from US, which improves the accuracy and trajectory precision of the robot.
  • TIME company has strong ability of precision machining, heat treatment, casting, materials fatigue testing on manufacturing and testing to ensure that TIME industrial robots with high quality, high precision and high reliability.
  • TIME company has more than 20 years of welding equipment manufacturing and welding technology accumulation which combines with the perfect technology of TIME industrial robots to form the unique technical advantages of TIME arc welding robot system.
  • TIME company has the core technology of industrial robots to meet the user’s personalized custom needs of the robot control system, mechanical body, welding and cutting, the system integration and so on.


Technical parameters

Degrees of freedom


Maximum load capacity


Repeat positioning accuracy


Maximum motion radius


Drive mode

AC servo motor


On groundPendant or hoisting

Protection grade


Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

20-80RH non-condensing




Keep away from flammable or corrosive liquids

Power capacity